Parliament of Trees

Exhibition of living tree installations at
Persistence Works Gallery Yorkshire ArtsSpace Sheffield.


Wild Pear (Pyrus communis) saplings installed as living maquette for square grove design: Hall on the edge of a woodland’ @ Parliament of Trees Persistence Works, Yorkshire Artspace.

Artist and landscape designer Catherine Dee is cultivating a Parliament of Trees at Persistence Works. On show are installations of tiny living trees comprising landscape designs that may be commissioned free to non-profit organisations for planting out at the end of the exhibition. Dee will be in residence to offer public advice to individuals and groups on designing and planting tree places for gardens, streets, and open spaces. ‘Parliament’ refers to gallery visitor conversations and debates about trees, and also to the language of trees cultivated by the artist.

Catherine Dee will be in residence at the gallery on Thursdays and Fridays and on
Saturdays: 17th February, 24th February, 10th March and 17th March 2018.

Parliament of Trees is supported by Sheffield Culture Consortium: Making Ways,
funded via Arts Council England Ambition for Excellence.


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