Hawthorn Diaries 2019-2020


08.03.2019 (after a poem by Mary Webb)

 07.03.2019 1. 2. 3. 

06.03.2019 A haw lantern 

05.03.2019 Zig-zag 

04.03.2019 Always coming, always going. 

Work in progress for Hawthorn Diaries: March. 03.03.2019 

02.03.2019 You me + our progeny 

01.03.2019 Last winter’s haws.
In The Haw Lantern 1987 Seamus Heaney these berries Diogenes’ lanterns: ‘so that you end up scrutinised from behind the haw....’
‘and you flinch before its bonded pith and stone,
its blood-prick that you wish would test and clear you,
its pecked-at ripeness that scans you, then moves on’.

End of February. This year last year.