Artist and independent academic specialising in:

  • Landscape Architecture Arts and Design Education
  • Drawing and Illustration

My work is concerned with the theoretical and practical development of landscape architecture as an ‘art of necessity’ and the development of creative and critical visual approaches to the discipline particularly through advancing methods for drawing in education and by characterising design as spatial improvisation equally of nature and culture.

I have served as an academic at University of Sheffield, Department of Landscape Architecture for the majority of my career while also maintaining my artist’s practice in drawing and experimental landscape architecture. I am currently Visiting Professor in Landscape Archiecture, Newcastle University, School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape.

My key contributions to the discipline to date are the visual book ‘Form and Fabric in Landscape Architecture’(2001); ‘To Design Landscape: Art Nature and Utility’ (2012) which sets out practices for an ethical, ecological ‘aesthetics of thrift’; and the founding of the innovative peer-reviewed European Journal of Landscape Architecture(JoLA)as one of its editors, and conceiving and editing the critical visual essay section ‘Thinking Eye’.

Since 2019 I have worked as independent artist and academic. I am currently writing and drawing two books: ‘Urban Landscape Design with Trees’ and the first in a series of landscape architecture student notebooks:‘Drawing’.





Design Education